After spending days and nights working with our creative partners, we realized that we actually spend more time with them than with our significant others.

So in February 14 of 2014 we launched "", a website where you can send some love/hate to your creative soulmate.

Meet the brains behind LoveYouAdly

Angela Granados

A passionate Art Director, a Geek, an art freak and technology addict.  Studied Many Majors Such As Art, Graphic Design And Advertising, My Experience Spans From Art Direction, Graphic Design, Code, Video Game To Website Development. She speaks 3 languages, have an accent, believes in soccer karma, that coffee is mandatory and makeup is optional.

Joaquin Alvarez

Joaquin's is a Creative with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. After a few years working in engineering, he realized he needed a change in his life and he found his passion in the world of advertising. His goal in life is to get paid for coming up with ideas that make this world better and own a monkey.

Our Team

Angela Granados

Developer - Art Director
Our Team

Joaquin Alvarez

Copywritter - Art Director


Think we're full of cliches and have something else to say?


Feel free to send us your card and we will give you credit for it!

Just follow the image guidelines, send it for approval and that's it!


Image guidelines

Make it pretty

Please send PNG's.

Color Space: RGB. 72 dpi.

Size appr. 725x540 or bigger.

Other Stuff

Submitting your card means you are giving the card to in exchange for a shout-out on the site. This site is suppose to be fun, so keep it like that Approved submissions will be marked with the logo. Not all submissions are posted. Do not send the same work several times. Publication is permanent, get all necessary approvals in advance. If you have questions, please write us at We will be happy to answer any questions.